Monday, October 10, 2011

What should be improved first?

Already explains why that should begin to move forward in every area and everything, no matter where to start point to start. Still says, that where best place to start is is actually the hardest, most difficult traits that you change, the thing that blocks you from moving forward in life, the thing you most do not believe you can change. Actually it starts.
Where your biggest problem, there probably is also your greatest opportunity. Most positive feature less dominant in you, it is that if and when able to change it, actually improved it will make you the bigger breakthrough. Where it was harder, more opportunity there. Assume that is the hardest for you, it probably best expressed in many things in your life than any other characteristic. Therefore, improvement of the most difficult will result in the greatest improvement for the better and will make you the biggest achievement.

In addition, your ability to cope with even the minimum biggest thing, she will advance you more than dealing with anything else. Why? That it is more difficult. The more you can do more difficult things, so all the easy stuff resolved by them. So when you ask yourself where do I start? The answer is best to start from what is most difficult for you. Where to begin where exactly? It does not really matter, because the point you begin.

However, note that this does not mean that you need to do anything difficult for you and its hard every time you do something you necessarily have to do it. Your goal is to enjoy life as if you do not want to deal with any difficulty is completely legitimate as well. If you enjoy dealing with the very difficult problem, so any difficulty that comes your way to deal with it, but if you do not enjoy dealing with any difficulties you definitely do not have to deal with every difficulty there is in your life. There are difficulties that the best way to deal with them is that simply did not deal with them and instead of dealing with something difficult to mess with something fun, so I did not want to go with the head against the wall any place that opposite wall. So then where is the balance? With the difficulties worthwhile to deal with the difficulties should prevent from dealing with them.
The answer is that the balance due to your ability and desire to deal with my difficulty. Axiomatic you a very good man for you would be if you have the ability to deal with all kind of trouble everywhere. You do not have to want to deal with any difficulty, but for yourself you should be able to cope with any difficulties if you decide you want to deal with. In addition, here you better as a person to be honest with yourself and ask yourself why I do not want to deal with anything, is it because of lack of ability or lack of desire.

If you do not want to deal with something that you really cannot deal with it successfully, because you do not believe in your ability to deal with it properly. That is hard for you to deal with because of the inability, in this case if the element of lack of ability is one of the reasons why you do not want to deal, and then we recommend you actually take the commodity yes and yes to cope. That coping can bring your breakthrough in life by it will increase your skills. Any such dealing with difficulty will improve your skills as a person and your ability to implement. As you have more capabilities so you can get more stuff, so you can overcome more things so if you have trouble because you cannot, then it is worth trying.

On the other hand you know yourself and you know truthfully that you have no problem standing up going well, but you just do not want to deal with the problem that has some more you can do with your time, you actually should focus on alternative positive instead of dealing with nonsense negative. If you know that is why you do not want to deal is not due to lack of ability but because of lack of will, then we recommend you just deal with something fun instead of the difficulty.

Self self-awareness and improving personal

What are the chances and risks in the process of self-awareness and improving personal skills?
As is well known coin has two sides and everything in life can be bad and good. This, of course is also relevant personal ads, personals ads have also a disadvantage and advantage possible, chance and risk. The wise course takes the positive side, but those with less clever personal ads and improving his skills might even harm him. How? 

The answer is that as you progress more in the awareness of your own, just as on the one hand you could be better and more positive that you are aware of yourself, so the other hand, the more you aware of yourself more, you suddenly begin to find yourself in what you're doing worse. You suddenly understand yourself better for better or worse. If before you could "work on yourself" pretty easily to make yourself feel good, just because your personal ad on the one hand you will know better how to make yourself be a positive mood,. You know yourself better, but on the other hand can be hard for you better get yourself to be in a good mood, that you better aware of the problems yourself. The more you know yourself better so you can be happy and to reinforce Prepare yourself positive things about you. On the other hand, you also begin to notice that even your relative defects, which can drag you to negative. 

In addition, when you develop your own ads, of course, you can also acquire better control of yourself, because once you know yourself better, anyway it is easier to control yourself. This is of course positive, but the wrong cases that can get you to where you are also able to control yourself and does things contrary to the logic. That your self-control capability developed and allows you to use it for better or worse. Personal ads allows you to know to control your own emotions , be able to decide for example when angry and when not, when happy and when not. In addition, this type of weapon you need to know to use it. That man can control his emotions can make his life better or worse most. That by emotional disengagement capability you can do things that are positive with no remorse. 

Interest in personal development and skills improvement of the human personality, is a kind of powerful weapons, the more you improve it, the more his ability to benefit or greater harm. Personal ads will allow you for example know to read people better . When your personal abilities to understand people for example, developing countries, you can choose whether you want to use them to help people and make them a guided imagery to help themselves. On the other hand, if you want to hurt you of course can also do that, because you know that "play" with the thought of human beings.
For example, he will very positive thing but only when used correctly. By proper use of human willpower could achieve his happiness for sure and can get many other things that seem impossible. On the other hand misuse of will can cause a person to remain fixed and stubborn mistakes, will they use the wrong can make a person more stubborn, stubbornness would prevent him from their ability to improve. 

Ability to make decisions quickly is great if used correctly, but if not used correctly it can cause you to make decisions hastily and without proper consideration. Of course you can give hundreds of examples of all personal property of a man, that used correctly it can cause a lot of benefit with the use that is not true that might cause him harm ...
Money is good or bad. Depending of course on how to use it . Just as money can make happiness so that he can cause you harm . In addition, as we see destroyed rich sense of their life that they did not know how to use their money properly. 

In addition, that is why similar. A person who learns martial arts in which he improves his defense and attack. This is of course a powerful tool; on the one hand, tool can help you do positive actions, but on the other hand, misuse, which can make things that are not positive.
Senses we see that the crime offenders and many are people who came to where they are not because of stupidity but from a place of strength and power accidentally navigate to the wrong places. To be a prime example the crime, you must be very aware of yourself; you must have calm, confident, with iron discipline, with the ability and leadership skills, an ability to control your emotions and more. However, why it took the man to his wrong choice? Be prime crime family. Which means that improving personal skills must be kept constant monitoring that will lead you to places that are not positive. 

Just like for example the transfer of control . If used correctly then we have constructive criticism, but if not then we have a destructive criticism. Even more faith in God (who believes) on the one hand can make a person decide to become better on the other hand can cause a person to decide to murder other people in a crusade or another name of God. What do I conclude from this? The conclusion is that everything in life there are two sides of good and evil. Smart choose the right and choose the least evil smart. 

Also, note that that your personal development as a person is something that is almost irreversible better or worse. This may be likened. Person to expose him how some magic was done. This person after revealing to him the magic he could return to the same enthusiasm and really thought as if the magician cut off the man and if he really did something or other. Why? For he would have understood how to do magic and hence there is no turning back. The same in your personal development as a person, because your personality has changed, so it is not something you can disable it when you want. When you start a process of personal ads, you should be aware that you are doing it with the best personal trainer you are the kind of afford to make sure that your personal ads will benefit and not harm you. 

Of course, there are many trainers that give you n such cases both the risk and chances are not great. That because aid is not your personal level, in any case is on one hand can not make you not a long-term benefit and no long-term damage. But
And this has been said the sage (Rabbi Nachman) the phrase "whole world is a very narrow bridge and at all not to be afraid." That the apparent why the whole world in a very narrow bridge, then if the person can then advanced and the ground beneath his feet already getting firmer and how it can be always the person is in a narrow bridge and very narrow even more? But the thing is that even when you were getting all the time still includes all the time continuing to deal with new things . The closer you more, you obviously enjoy what you got, you can do bigger things that bring more chance but on the other hand they also have more chance. 

And all this has to do with more of a common misconception of people who think that someone else is easier to deal with the problem one way or another because it has the more convenient character for example. But of course it was not so, because that person also has other problems. Even take the simplest thing of positive thinking, positive thinking person with a better life, but on the other hand has a challenge to make himself reach the threshold of excitement and pleasure are higher than someone with less than positive thinking. That because most of his charges, in any case is less excited about the positive things. His challenge is to know how so please have him not only how to avoid full of wanting what they do not. So that each feature has its challenges and we should not mistakenly think that the grass is always greener . For example, a rich man has his problems and his mental pressures, and as has been said "The more possessions the more worries" that assets sometimes cause a person not being able to sleep at night . What conclusion from the above? Conclusion is that we are constantly dealing, the size of the chance that the size of the risk if no risk no chance and vice versa. Only the sage can choose the right and enjoy the prospect and at least smart pick on the negative and suffer the risk. 

And here, of course, the question arises, if indeed it turns out that there is no middle, and the more you better you also deal with bigger things, so can really do want to go into it? If in fact ads and personal development can also bring you closer to things that are not positive then why get into it? And the answer to that is the result of what already can be explained in what is real wisdom? What is the purpose of man's mind? that most of man's intellect is to make him happy, because it's main purpose and goal in the subconscious of all people in every situation and every time. So it's true that on one hand with that example you can do bad things, but whether that's why you choose to be a fool not to learn? Was it because of money can cause you harm and worries Is that why you do not want money? But what, you'll learn how to enjoy with brains and money and how to be without both of them or be with both but be happy ... 

But know that very reason, if you do everything in a really positive and correct, in which case you can be sure that will not cause you any harm but only good. If your personal development will only build from that case you can be sure that your personal workout for that matter cause you only positive things. And why? That never goes from positive to negative. Lily comes just something that is not enough positive, ie negative amount only because the mixture of evil with good inside. For example, criticism is something positive if it builds. If anyone's criticizing you real and yet you broke it, it's only because of the least positive in the way she moved, but not because of its real part. 

What this essentially means is that good could come out just bad bad bad. So if you really want all your best to stick really true, in which case you can be sure that no harm comes to you. That deep desire and your determination to be a real good will always lead you to do right and he will sort your bodyguard to make sure you do not do mistakes along the way. All this of course will happen only if you know how to keep in mind the purpose of all you are doing the purpose to be happy. That each person's mistakes only happen because he's not enough of a connection between his actions and their purpose . Which for example can result in lack of money will make a person happy, or who have lost a man used to his disadvantage. That the choice not to use the personal ability to do good, is solely the result of their evil. Who's happy where he is not doing bad. Who uses a personal capacity to do harm to another, It's not good enough ... And because he forgets his purpose is to be happy. 

But if you always remember the purpose of your life to be happy, if you always try to stick to only positive things, positive force in you will help you get just the chance of not falling to any risk. Good luck